april twenty-three

Two nights at the Oregon coast. Flipping back and forth between rain and sun. And there was a good wind coming from the South-SouthWest. One must always dress in layers at the beach along with some good old sneakers, wear sneakers when climbing around on the rocks, and watch for those sneaky sneaker waves. The Oregon beach is naturally more dangerous than a lot of people realize.

We stayed in an older type of cottage that was the kind that once dotted the shoreline when I first moved to Oregon in 1977. The cottage, well maintained, was located on the beach, in Oceanside, which is a more secluded spot then say, Newport or Cannon Beach. It was especially secluded this time of year. The two cafes are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays right now. I brought groceries to prepare our meals at the cottage.

On Tuesday we walked the beach for two hours.

I was trying out panorama on my mobil-phone camera.

The first shot taken at the beginning of our walk. The second father along on the walk.

The third photo was taken later that day at Cape Meares Lighthouse.

(click on photos for larger view)

april twenty

well, it's Sunday
that means crepes
or was it
with dad
it's complicated
who's making dinner
who's doing what
what's in the fridge
it's complicated

"it's complicated"
is my post today at eat write move write
a different kind of food processing

april nineteen

my instant comfort
i found
i did not need to please you
but your pleasure for me
was a deluded course
to where the admired do not live
and the desired
look with disgust
i used you crudely
and i got
my just desserts

april seventeen

I've started writing
about a new process
and a goal i found
in a magazine
at the dentist's office

The writing is being posted
on a blog started just for this process
eat write move write

april sixteen

not delivered by FedX
or a brown UPS van
the package arrived
in the hand
of a very special friend

april fifteen

i made egg pasta for sup
which got me to thinking
that it's a pretty good way
to eat an egg and a cup of flour

april ten

red and blue

strawberries can be wonderful
when they're red all the way through
but blueberries
sweet blues
they have me over the freezer
my fingers digging
for the last hidden bag